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In 2016 there is no denying that your conference attendees are going to live on their smartphones and inevitably interact with each other on social media. 

Little Bird Told Media fully integrates social media into your event while strategically increasing attendee engagement pre-conference, during your conference, and post-conference. 

We live online too. 

Get more out of your Event’s Life Cycle.

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It’s simple; when your conference attendees share content on social media your event’s reach is amplified to all of their colleagues, friends, family, and followers.

Our mission is to work together with conference planners to increase attendee engagement and create a unified experience across all social media platforms.

We don’t have clients, we have partners. Together we create content, drive choices and build loyalty. 

Strategy & Planning

We help you analyze your current social footprint and answer the tough questions regarding full social media integration for your event.

Momentum Generation

We build out your social media content and design your editorial calendar with increased engagement in mind. 

High Volume Touch Points

We go into strategic overdrive in the weeks leading up to your event with a constant stream of attendee engagement across all active social media platforms.

The Main Event

We manage all social media coverage during your event including customer service, broadcasting content,  influencer empowerment, crisis management and sponsor support.

Hyper Follow-Up

We leave a lasting impression on your attendees to improve retention for future events. 

Participant Satisfaction

We report all engagement  analytics and make recommendations for improvement. 

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